Experimental Investigation on the influence of geometrical parameters on heat dissipation for a laser robotic end of arm tooling

Paper #:
  • 2018-01-1235

  • 2018-04-03
Laser welding functionality has been greatly expanded with robotic assistance. A robot laser welding system consists of a servo-controlled, multi-axis mechanical arm with a laser head and pressure assembly mounted to the face plate of the robot arm. A pressure assembly includes a pressure wheel that is used in the process to help clamp parts together during welding and guide the focus on the work parts where a multi degree of freedom robot is working. During the welding process, heat generation causes the temperature of the pressure wheel to rise. High temperature in the system becomes a problem that puts the pressure wheel at risk to failure as it store some of the heat during the welding operation. As the temperature increases, defection and instabilities may appear on the wheel. Fracturing can also follow and it affects the robot guidance which becomes a welding issue. Improving the heat dissipation will provide a better performance of the wheel as well as an extended lifelong cycle. In this study three disc geometries will be tested, using carbon steel as a common material. The work will examine the effects of several geometrical parameters on the thermal performance of pressure wheel assembly during a period of 50 seconds. Different design models will be manufactured for testing. It is expected that the differences in geometrical design will have considerable effect on the temperature distribution and efficiency of dissipating the heat. The present study will also help improve the performance of pressure wheel in the welding industry by providing results for successive design testing and data validation.
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