Background and technology approach for development and testing of auto-tire inflation system for reducing tire wear in commercial vehicle.

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  • 2018-01-1341

  • 2018-04-03
The reduction of tire wear in vehicle is one of the major challenges for engineers. The underinflated tire can cause reduction in tire life along with decrease in driving stability of vehicle. Effort has been taken to develop a low cost auto-tire inflation system integrated in vehicle for reduction in tire wear as well as to avoid periodic checks of tire pressure. This paper deals with the technology and design approach required in the development of auto-tire inflation system for commercial vehicle. This system should have the fundamental role of not only monitoring the tire pressure but also inflating the tire to the recommended level of pressure whenever the pressure is reduced below the recommended level. Different approaches have been worked out for integration of system on vehicle with least modification in existing design. For system control, cost effective and innovative method of using two-way solenoid valve, pressure transducer and electronic control unit is employed for monitoring and regulating tire pressure. Innovative sealing system has been used for fail safe and leakage free mechanism. Other different sealing solutions are also evaluated. Precaution has been taken care to maintain the same strength of the modified parts required during integration of system in vehicle. CAE has been carried out to ensure the same strength of knuckle and other parts. The proper selection of pneumatic fittings required for providing leak free and durable air passage to tire valve has been done in order to avoid air leakage in the system. The system is tested in vehicle on different road conditions with final updated design after several design modifications. The safety issues arising due to integration of auto-tire inflation system in vehicle have also been studied and mentioned in this paper.
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