Suspension health monitoring and failure prognosis through onboard SoC and cloud based reporting

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  • 2018-01-1353

  • 2018-04-03
Though Failures in automotive systems include electronic as well as mechanical components, the failure of the latter results in serious, sometimes fatal outcomes. Springs have a specific fatigue life, calculated based on a specific loading cycle, which deteriorates with over loading, driver behavior and even adverse road conditions. A system was designed, that can plot a Load vs Displacement (L/D) graph by only sensing the displacement of spring from a vehicle nominal position, provided the spring constant is known. The displacement sensors are fabricated using hall effect sensor arrays, and measurement is done by sensing the relative position between the sensor and a magnet, that are placed at the sprung and unsprung masses respectively. This eliminates the need to use complex and expensive load transducers for load measurement. The L/D plots are stored and compared and a performance deterioration curve is plotted and an acute failure timeline is predicted, information of which is constantly relayed to the cloud. Alarm flags are raised at the manufacturer's/ supplier's front-end in an intuitive app and further actions may be planned. An onboard display can be used to inform the driver about its haul-mass, optimum speed bracket to be maintained and even inform about regular check-ups. Hence, when implemented, the technology can be useful for failure prognosis by OEMs, tier ones, service agencies and Insurance Agencies.
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