Real-Time Path Correction of an Industrial Robot for Adhesive Application on Composite Structures

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  • 2018-01-1390

  • 2018-04-03
Due to their unique and favorable properties as well as low costs, composite materials are finding increasing applications in automotive, aircraft and other vehicle manufacturing industries. Highly growing demand, production rates and increasing part complexity together with design variations require fast, flexible and fully automated assembly techniques. In automotive and aircraft manufacturing, the essential bonding and sealing processes are automated using industrial robots due to their speed, flexibility and large working volume. However, there are limitations in achieving complete automation of these processes due to the inherent inaccuracies of the industrial robots, workpiece positioning and process tolerances. Currently, the robot programs are generated in CAD/CAM environment and are adjusted manually according to the actual workpiece. An alternate solution is proposed with an on-board vision based sensor setup to adapt the robot path compensating for the robot kinematic inaccuracies, workpiece referencing errors and unique local deformations of the workpiece in real time. The realized setup consists of a prototype dosing system with two laser line triangulation sensors on the end- effector of a serial robot. The developed real-time application computes the 5DoF deviations and corresponding robot correction signals. The robot executes the generated offline programs for the application process. The implemented “Firm real-time” control scheme adapts the programmed trajectory in accordance to the position, orientation and tolerances of the actual workpiece so that the process tolerances are achieved. This vision based control system maintains the dosing nozzle at the reference pose with high accuracy and eliminates the need of time-intensive manual adjustment without affecting the quality of the sealing and bonding applications, thereby saving time and improving the process accuracy. Moreover, it can be concluded from the results that, this closed loop control system improves the accuracy of the trajectory and also can be extended for different applications.
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