Maintenance Indicator System for Military Trucks

Paper #:
  • 730657

  • 1973-02-01
  • 10.4271/730657
Obits, W. and Ancona, D., "Maintenance Indicator System for Military Trucks," SAE Technical Paper 730657, 1973, doi:10.4271/730657.

The Maintenance Indicator System (MIS) is a completely automatic system that monitors the condition and performance of critical subsystems and accessories of a vehicle and its engine. Although designed specifically for the military 2-1/2 ton and 5 ton trucks, the indicator system can be adapted to most military and commercial vehicles with minor modifications to suit the particular requirements.

MIS consists of a dashboard-mounted display panel located in full view of the operator and connected through a wiring harness to sensors permanently mounted on or within various systems and accessories of the engine and vehicle. The sensors monitor critical parameters and alert the driver or mechanic by a light activated on the panel when service is required or a malfunction has occurred.

Maintenance functions indicated by MIS include: fuel supply pressure to engine, engine primary fuel filter condition, radiator coolant level, engine coolant temperature, engine oil level, engine oil pressure, engine oil filter condition, alternator/generator output, vehicle battery voltage, vehicle air/hydraulic brake system condition, transmission operating temperature, air cleaner condition, and transfer case operating temperature.

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